Blue and White Strips

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Hi babes,
Here's a look inspired by the new trends that so many brands have been launching: the blue and white strips with flare and ruffles. Although this top is not new (it's from the Jessica Simpson Collection from Carson's) it is still fashion friendly ;). If you have been wanting to try out this trend, just take a look into your wardrobe and see if you have something similar to what has been reappearing in so many different stores. The off the shoulder, ruffled, blue and white top is seen EVERYWHERE. But why buy something everyone has? Let's be different, even when rocking the same trend. So this top isn't an off the shoulder, and it isn't ruffled, but it is blue and white stripped. The peplum look gives my outfit a more "fitted" look. This top can be paired with trousers or jeans (I went with white jeans) and some heels.
And that's it! Let me know what spring/summer trends you have been wanting to try.
Lots of love,

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