BOOHOO Silky Dress + Featuring NORA NYC Sunglasses

Monday, July 31, 2017

Hey dolls! Happy Monday! If you are reading this now, than you have officially made it through the day! (phew). Earlier today I wanted to capture a casual, just strolling through the park look, so I decided to wear this. (Just kidding). No, but really, today I wanted to be bold and daring--and give you ladies a glamourous going out look while also adding a pair of sunnies! The sunglasses featured are by Nora NYC and were purchased by me. I am now affiliated with the brand and can give you ladies a discount code: NewShades that will give you 10% your purchase. Check out their website at: They have a variety of sunglasses for men and women.
The sunglasses I purchased are Beekman Silver + Silver (middle pair shown above). My sunglasses are darker in my photos because of the lighting in my room;-- just to clarify--they are as light as the ones in the photo on the NORA NYC website. These sunglasses are available in 9 shades.
Along with the NORA NYC sunglasses, I am wearing Boohoo's Darla Slinky Cowl Neck Dress. This dress is available in 3 colors (pink, grey, and black).
                              Boohoo Dress                              

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